Sonali Yadav

Crafting stories that inspire change


Hi, I am Sonali.


A storyteller, brand & digital marketer and social media enthusiast.

I thrive on stories. Books, music, drama, movies, people, countries, religions, traditions, revolutions, ideas. And my personal favourites are the ones that help make money while adding genuine value - the business stories.


2018 - Present


Teabox ( A teaxpress Pvt. Ltd Brand)

Doing my bit in transforming a 200-year-old industry.

Tea, a beverage most of us consume every day, yet know so little about. A habit or taste preference, what is it that makes one reach for their cup every single time? Built upon decades of usage, how hard is it for someone to make the switch or start from a whole new perspective?

Finding answers to questions like these, using those insights to create an effective communication strategy and brand experience and ensure these standards are maintained is what this role is all about.

2016 - Present


Teabox ( A teaxpress Pvt. Ltd Brand)

Getting people to care about what you care (is easier said than done.)

Sharing your business story in this increasingly noisy & full-of-other-options social world is not as simple as it used to be. And that's what makes it all the more fun. The objective is to create stories, campaigns and experience that goes beyond the transaction and accelerates the brand awareness and reach.


For every paid campaign,

Outcome = Ad creative X Target audience X Budget X Willingness of the buyer

It's not just an ad. It's design, copy, consumer insights, money, targeting, positioning, optimisation skills and common sense all at play at once. I consider ads as stories that capture attention, keeps you immersed until the end and finally directs you to the moral - this is good for you!

Sonali is one of my best hires to date. An initiator at work, she assumes end-to-end ownership of everything she takes on. In the time she spent with us, she has developed a deep understanding of the brand & consumer behaviour and has played an instrumental role in the growth of the brand. Her ability to think fast and long-term from an overall business perspective makes her a great asset to any business. - Kausshal Dugarr, Founder & CEO, Teabox

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